Fundraisers and Donations

The Knighthawk Squadron is a 501c(3) not-for profit organization that relies on donations and fund-raising activities to purchase uniforms & equipment, pay for training, and to fund unit operations. We gladly accept monetary donations as well as military related training aids and devices, admin supplies, Navy uniforms, boots, firearms & ammunition, computers/printers, etc. Your generous donations directly support the cadets of Knighthawk Squadron and help to ensure that the best possible training opportunities are available to all cadets.  See the photos page to see the many things that your contributions allow our cadets to do! 

For questions concerning  donations, please contact:

Tee-Shirt Sponsorship

We will be purchasing Tee-Shirts as part of Knighthawk Squadron’s fundraising efforts.  We have been very fortunate over the past few years to receive support that permits Knighthawk Squadron to purchase uniforms, equipment and send Cadets to training. We have the ability to train alongside our military forces, to participate in realistic trainings and we proudly wear the uniform of the United States Navy.  We stand a little taller and hold our heads higher because of support like yours. Unlike other youth organizations, we have the unique opportunity to attend trainings across the United States and internationally. We are asking for a minimum donation of $30.00 per sponsor. This amount will help offset the cost of tee-shirt and printing. The sponsor’s name and/or business will be displayed on the back of the tee shirt indicating their support of the Knighthawk Squadron.


Knighthawk Squadron Challenge Coin 

     The Knighthawk Squadron challenge coin was designed by the cadets themselves and first presented on August 9, 2015 .  Challenge coins are presented to individuals for significant actions by the Commanding Officer; for example, to congratulate on a job well done or to honor a commemoration. The coin represents our U.S. Navy and Sea Cadet heritage while stationed with NOSC Youngstown and Youngstown Air Reserve Station.